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About: Me and You!

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Love makes all the difference – for me – and for YOU.

Meeting my own true love and soul mate Nick – yes online – and marrying him seven years ago – has changed my life into a flow of love, laughter, travel and romantic joy.

You see by the time I met him I had grown within in so many fabulous ways and shed so many love-sabotaging beliefs that I was ready to allow into my life my Dream Love Hero –  a truly wonderful soul mate who makes me quiver inside when he walks into the room – and who treats me like a queen – something no man in my life has ever done before.

Caryl Westmore and Nick Westmore

Me and my Honey in Cape Town

And I want that for YOU because I have discovered a path plan that works and offers success secrets that I had to learn the hard way. But I have shared them in my book – avaliable on Kindle – and they are available to those special women who want to join my elite group of clients.

Could that mean you?

Best of all you will benefit from my expertise as a Coach specialising in emotional-energy work like Emotional Freedom Techniques and the Law of Attraction – which helps you totally change your INNER GAME of finding love. Your patterns and beliefs, mindset are all part of the journey to love – along with practical know-how of how to do the online dating thing.

And that’s my background and training.

Are you a mature single women with lots of love to give – but feeling that romantic love has passed you by?

Don’t give up if that dream lies deep in your heart – know he’s out there somewhere and listen to this HAUNTING SONG that I made my theme tune when I was lonely and wondering if I would ever love again.

I hope it encourages YOU.

I want to get to know you better.  Online. Heart to Heart!

So let’s get together on Skype (breakfreefast) with my January 2014 offer of a 50 minute coaching session – first come, first served!


That’s the best way you will learn more ABOUT me!  And me about YOU!

So act now and sign up if you long to banish loneliness – and attract your soul mate and true lasting love in 2014, then contact me now.

My bookis available here: and

Contact me for a  FREE 40-60 minute ATTRACT TRUE LOVE ONLINE AND FIND YOUR SOUL MATE NOW Laser Coaching session to help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on how to overcome your obstacles attracting true love and meeting and marrying your Love Hero.

Women of all ages say my book  and coaching helps them get clear about what they want – and don’t want – in their dating experiences, both online and offline.  But I specialise in helping women of 40- 50 plus because I know personally the difficulties that women in midlife have to over come in starting over in life – and in love.

Why? Because opening my own heart to love - of myself, my soul mate – and my clients – as a Goal Success EFT coach using  healing techniques like The Journey, EFT-Matrix Reimprinting and the Law of Attraction, have been my destiny come true!

I rediscovered and fell in love with ME, my creativity and my intuition to help others.

That spark of love was almost dead when I began my journey to reclaim my heart and soul  13 years ago.

Well…look at me now!!

Contact me now to get on track with your own dreams to be a LOVE ATTRACTION MAGNET – KNOW HE’S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE – I know it and I’ll help you know it too!

Today I am living the life I love – and want to share the steps I took to get here – with YOU if you long to fall in love with yourself, with life – and ultimately with a delightful, loving, delicious partner, lover, soul-mate.


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